Deans Pond, Deans Bridge Road, Somers, NY 10589




  1. Do I have to live in the neighborhood to join Deans Pond Association?

    You do have to live in the Somers area, but you do not have to live in the neighborhood to be a part of wonderful Deans Pond Association.

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  1. What are the fees to join Deans Pond?

    The cost is nominal when you realize the amount of use you and your family will get from being a member of Deans Pond.  We charge a one time registration fee of $100 plus the annual fee for the 2011 Season is $350.00.  And if you like, we're flexible, we'd be happy to work out a payment schedule with you.

  2. Can I join to meet the neighbors, but not use the pond?

    Yes, we'd love to have you get to know us, we're a friendly bunch, our social membership is available for $75 for the 2011 Season.

  3. Do you have lifeguards?

    Yes, we have certified lifeguards on duty during all swim hours.

  4. I have young children, would it be appropriate for them?

    Yes! We love our babies, in fact, most of our teens joined Deans Pond as babies.  Bring your beach toys, we have a sandy beach, a shallow swim area, a lifeguard and lots of friendly faces.  There are plenty of children of all ages.

  5. Is the water quality maintained?

    The Deans Pond Association Board strives to maintain the water quality every year.  To that end we have the water tested regularly and have it treated by Clean Lakes Association to maintain the best quality we can.

  6. What do I need to know for the Wednesday BBQ's?

    You just need to know how to flip a burger, the grill gets lit at around 5:30pm on Wedneday evenings, you bring what you like for your family to eat and join the other families who make it a point to attend the weekly barbecues.  And don't worry, if it rains, we just make it on Thursdays! 8)

  7. Why should I join Deans Pond Association?

    You should join Deans Pond Association if you want your family to make friends and relax in a fun, safe environment for your kids.  It's the reason most members have joined year after year.  There's a camaraderie here among the kids and adults alike.  You'll often see the older kids playing ball with the younger kids or teaching them how to fish.  You'll find a place where you can really relax and unwind and know your children are having a great time, whether they're catching fireflies or building castles in the sand.  It's a fun time for everyone.

  8. Are we allowed to use the boats?

    As a member of the Pond you can use the paddleboat, rowboat or canoe, children 12 and under are required to wear the lifevests provided.  

  9. What are the summer swim hours?

    On May 28 our pond opens and early swim season begins.  Weather permitting, the lifeguard will be on duty 2:00 – 7:00 PM weekends and 6:00 – 8:00 PM weekdays.  On June 20 our full swim season begins with lifeguards everday from 3:00pm to 8:00pm.  Swimming is not permitted when the lifeguard is not on duty.


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